Guarantee the best possible website load speeds for your prospective clients from England, the rest of Europe and Africa

If you’ve got multimedia content–loaded websites that are aimed toward users coming from the UK, Europe, the Middle East or Africa, then our UK datacenter facility is the best choice for you.

The Pulsant data center is situated outside London and offers marvelous safety conditions for hosting your dynamic web sites and web apps. It currently serves millions of sites and is famous for its well–trained server admins who maintain the server network 24–7 and carry out weekly data backups.

To host your dynamic web sites in the UK datacenter, select any of our premium–quality VPS packages available on the order page. Our VPS do not entail any account setup fees and come with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. What’s more, you’ll receive a free–of–charge dedicated IP address along with a collection of website accelerators to improve your websites’ speed.

UK Based Hosting Services

If you’re searching for something a bit less pricey than a Virtual Private Server, we’ve got the optimal solution waiting for you in our UK datacenter – a hosting service package. All our hosting service plans are based upon our avant–garde hosting platform, which we’ve made from the ground up. This allows us to assure a 99.9% uptime for all web sites hosted under a UK Based Hosting account. Also, with each hosting account, you will also get a free–of–cost domain name.