If you ever have any queries connected with the web hosting service or you face a problem with your websites, you’ll have to touch base with the hosting provider’s client support team. It may not make any difference how promptly they will respond when you have a general enquiry, but an issue like an ill-applied software app update, for instance, may lead to your website becoming damaged or unavailable online. And the longer you have to wait for the support team to get back to you, the longer the site will be out of order. In case you offer services or goods online, any outage will undesirably affect your site and you may lose existing or potential visitors. Lots of hosting providers, especially resellers, respond to emails and tickets within twenty four hours, but in the digital sphere that is way too long, since clients will rarely return to a site that isn’t functioning properly over a prolonged interval.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Hosting

With a hosting from us, you can just forget about waiting for hours on end, or even a whole day, to get a reply to a support ticket or an e-mail. No matter when you contact us, we will lend you a helping hand within maximum sixty minutes with any technical and pre-sales questions you might have. As a matter of fact, our real reaction time rarely surpasses twenty-thirty minutes. As we’re available to you 24 hours a day, you will always get help in a timely fashion and we understand precisely how critical this is in the electronic world. Shortly after you contact us, we will respond to your enquiries. If you experience any technical issue, we’ll rectify it instead of you, or we will give you all the necessary information if there is something that you have to do yourself.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Servers

We guarantee that if you open a customer support ticket via your web hosting Control Panel or send an email regarding your semi-dedicated server, you will receive a response within one hour max. You can contact us whenever you want with regards to general, billing or technical matters and due to the fact that we are available to you 24x7, you’ll invariably obtain help in a timely manner. Based on the specific question or issue, we’ll provide you with more info, rectify the complication if it’s been caused by something within our reach or tell you what to do on your end in case you need to update some setting for a web-based application that we cannot access. You can just forget about waiting for an entire day for each and every response. As it is, in most cases we reply to tickets and emails within no more than 20 to 25 minutes.