Linux is a well known OS, which is frequently used for web servers, given that it features a wide variety of advantages over other OSs. It is viewed as the most solid OS these days and because of the way it works, infected files will simply not work. Due to the fact Linux is totally free to use, no license fees shall be added to the price which you'll have to pay for your web hosting service. This, subsequently, allows for the provider to personalize the Operating system depending on what they and their clients want, getting rid of unneeded packages to enhance the OS and the server’s overall performance. Linux servers typically include the Apache web server software, which processes site access requests. Apache is furthermore absolutely free and customizable, not to mention that it is very fast and light with regard to the resources it requires. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is the software environment that some of the most famous script applications require – WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, and so forth. The LAMP configuration is the most commonly used one worldwide, as it's stable and simple to take care of.

Stable Linux with Apache in Hosting

The hosting accounts which we provide are created on our cutting-edge personalized cloud web hosting platform. Independent groups of servers are used to deal with each part of the web hosting service, including e-mails, databases and so on. Our web servers run Linux. The latter has been personalized as a way to guarantee that we can offer you a stable hosting service without wasting system resources. We use the highly effective Apache web server and we even have a whole cluster for it, so all HTTP requests between visitors and your sites will be handled without any delay. You will be able to use a wide variety of languages for your sites – HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, and so forth., and you shall not need to be worried about security or stability issues at any time.

Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Servers

When you buy a semi-dedicated server account for your Internet sites, you shall be able to take full advantage of a protected and dependable web hosting service on our revolutionary hosting platform. Linux-powered clusters of machines will offer you the system resources and the uptime that you desire, as this OS meets our requirements and allows us to modify the software environment in order to get the most out of the platform, whose design contributes to the swiftness and reliability of the service even more, for the reason that your files, databases, e-mail messages, stats, and so forth., will have their own group to manage them. To improve the performance of your sites more, we use the Apache web server, mainly because our experience reveals that it's the perfect one for our custom platform because it is powerful, yet light and fast.